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Top 10 Reasons for Drinking Wine

10) Wine is Interesting: There are more than a million wines on the 711kelab market today, and every one of them is different. There are thousands of wines available locally and at reasonable prices, which makes sampling and enjoying wines a fascinating hobby.

9) Wine is Educational: An interest in wine is an opportunity to learn not only about the wine, but about it’s creation, its history, the geography of where it’s from — even culture and language. If you drink a lot of Italian wines, you’ll need to learn at least enough Italian to read the labels.

8) Wine is Stimulating: Wine is a good icebreaker at any social gathering, and for generations it has been the impetus for countless philosophical discussions.

7) Wine is Social: Imagine a dinner party without wine! And what better way is there to thank a host for the invitation than to take along a well-chosen bottle?

6) Wine is Festive: A sparkling wine is de rigeur at celebrations. But even a simple meal at a favourite restaurant becomes an occasion when you hear that unmistakable “pop” when your server uncorks your bottle.

5) Wine is for Sharing: Aside from the usual proscription against drinking alone, a bottle of wine is always better when shared with a friend.

4) Wine is Patriotic: Buy Canadian! We make great wines, as a visit to any Canadian winery will show. Just look for the display case filled with wine awards from around the globe.

3) Wine is for Food: Wine has been touted as a digestive aid for thousands of years, but it is also a natural partner at the dinner table. Plus matching wine with food can be an endless source of entertainment.

2) Wine is Good for You: Imagine the impact if we discovered a drug that could lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lessen the likelihood or impact of a stroke. What about a food supplement that can lower the risk of heart disease, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes in men, and osteoporosis in women? These are some of the known benefits of moderate wine consumption.

1) Wine is for Lovers!!!

The legality of Online Gambling


In this era of digitalisation, even money has taken a virtual form. Slump into your couch, order the food and nibble on it as you watch a movie on your LED screens. The same era has brought in many more facilities online, and the world is now taking a physical nap and has activated the online mode. Making money has also taken a virtual form now, with online trading and jobs. Multiplying the fortune with luck used to be a profound physical activity, with all the rotating wheels and cards deciding your returns. Just as the world has exfoliated its physical phase, the domain of casinos and gambling also has. Online gambling has a set of rules under which it works, just like in the land casinos. Land casinos have been prohibited in many countries, so is online gambling. Let’s take a look at the different legal approaches towards online gambling คา สิ โน สด.

UK online gambling

The UK Gambling Commission was created to check on the online gaming sector. The online gaming sector includes online poker, casinos, bingo and keno, all of which comes under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission. Initially, the Commission imposed a tax on the online gaming sector, which failed as many companies migrated to foreign countries and started operating. When this, as a part of tax evasion, the Commission took the next step towards development and incorporated another set of rules which imposed taxes on all companies that operated in the UK. Licensing was compulsory for all such companies, and a tax of 15% had to be paid for every gaming win; this created some outrage and eventually ended up in some companies leaving the market.

Canada online gambling

Canada offers a more flexible regulatory when compared to the UK. It depends on each province of the country whether to impose a tax and a set of strict regulations over online gambling. Provincial laws are a part of the lotteries that every region promotes. The jurisdiction of these lotteries have placed a demanded the online gambling sites to have a license before actively stepping into the game. PlayOLG and Espacejeux are the only sites that are managed and regulated by the Canadian governments; the remaining sites are operated under the lottery regulations.

France online gambling

The French Gambling Act created the regulatory commission called ARJEL, which exercises the online gambling rules over these sites. ARJEL charges a massive 44% tax rate on almost all online games such as Poker, casino games and sports betting.

Spain online gambling

The Spanish Gambling Act has regulated the online gambling industry (casinos, poker, sports betting) in France and charges about 25% tax rate for online gaming sites. Although the tax rates are less compared to that of France, these rates force the companies to charge the players a higher amount, thereby leading the players into minimal profits or unfair deals.

Some Technology Essentials For Casinos


Businesses that are all related to casinos have been known to require some robust technologies and also security measures which they require to survive and also flourish in today’s world. A lot of casinos despite their flashy appearances and all of their luxury, they have been known to fail to meet some growing security demands. The nature of the business is undoubtedly so dynamic, and so many operators are actually still relying on many old-age analog systems like the old-fashioned surveillance equipment like VCRs and tapes as well.

Another เกม ตู้ สล็อต thing that you should know is that this is not the case in all of the casinos. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas and whatnot have been known to have some of the best technologies when it comes to surveillance. The casinos have been famously known to have thousands of cameras all around their floors, and these cameras actually cover every single inch of the casino floor. This is to prevent from any issues happening, and even if they do, they can be prevented before the issue becomes too huge. The cameras are also there to make sure that all of the cheaters get caught. There are actually so many cheaters out there who believe that they can cheat the casinos and they also believe that they can loot the casinos and that the casinos wouldn’t notice. That is why they have started installing top-notch security systems. Some casinos do indeed have to catch-up.

The casino surveillance systems and security systems are not only a step forward to make sure that fraudulent activities get caught, but they also offer some benefits outside this exact specific purpose. These will include the data analysis for the betterment of casino operations, and they are also used to study the customer behavior and also for the training and orientation of some new employees. Yes, the cameras are used to observe and regulate all kinds of people in the casino.

Facial recognition technology is also implemented in so many casinos. Video surveillance has been known to enable the biometric facial recognition as well. The cameras will scan the face of the people that enter the building. You should also know that this technology is relatively new. For example, Walmart uses this technology to trap shoplifters. It is actually a very useful 3win2u technology , indeed.

Facial recognition is undoubtedly changing the game and will completely replace all of the old systems of human-led scanning methods. This system detects all the human faces and also captures a snapshot of every single person. This will instantly analyze the snapshots to compare them against some images. These are all saved to the database in the meantime.

Some Tricks That Casinos Make Use Of To Keep You In


If you think about it, every single aspect of a casino is actually designed to lead people into spending more and more money. You can also notice that casinos have been known to make use of lights, keputusan nombor lotto, physical design and sounds to make sure that they create an environment that is very welcoming and a place that is very hard to leave. It will make you want to stay there for long as well. In this guide, I have listed out some tricks that casinos make use of to keep you in and also to make sure that you keep spending your money.

It has happened to all of us. You just walk into luxury, and you see that you are entranced by all of it. You see that you love the glamour, the immensity of luxury, and so many bright twinkly lights as well. You walk in with a wallet full of cash, completely ready to blow all of it. Well, who can stop you now? No one can. The casino will actually make use of more ways to keep you in and to make sure you blow more money. When you blow all of your money, the casino profits from it.

  • They will make use of chips instead of real money so that it will seem like you are not actually using real money. But hey, how do you think you get the chips? With real money indeed.
  • There is not a clock in sight. You will actually never see a clock in a casino. Ever. The people who manage the large establishment actually want you to lose track of time. When you lose track of time, when you are doing something that excites you, you will not know how time is passing, you will not even know if it is day or night, which is what they want. Just wear a watch or just keep track on your phone. Keep an alarm so that your phone can tell you when to leave, especially if you are someone who gets carried away easily.

  • They offer you free alcohol, round after round. You know why? Because they want to dampen your senses. When your senses are down, your shields are down. It lowers your inhibitions, and it also clouds your judgment. That is what they want. When this happens, there is a higher chance of you playing like a fool and losing money. When you lose money, the casino profits.
  • The floor is perfectly designed in a maze-like layout.
  • So many of them have been known to offer a free room and some free meals so that they can keep you there, so that you can return.


Some Of The Best Travelling Tips


This is one complaint that a lot of travellers have that there is a lot to learn. No matter the distance that you have travelled you will always have to deal with a lot of money issues, sleeping better and getting off the beaten path. There are some tips which can help ensure that you have a safe journey.

Always pack a towel

This is a key to successful hitchhiking, and plain common sense is carrying a towel in hand. It is one of the easier things that you can do when you are travelling. There are many hotels that offer a towel; it is a better option always to carry one in your bag as a safety measure.

Buy a backpack or a suitcase

This is a purchase which can be considered common sense, but it is not that common. It is important that you travel light when you are travelling. Try to make sure that the backpack you are carrying is light, allowing you to take a lot with you when you travel.

Pack light

Try always to make sure that you travel light, try to make sure that you can wear the same clothes at least twice. This can cut your whole pack in half, which is a plus for everyone. Also, you will make sure that there is extra space in your bag for other stuff.

But take extra socks

This is one of the most common types of exercise that you need to make sure that you follow. No matter where you go, try to make sure that you have an extra pair of socks. This can keep you comfortable as well as warm when you are travelling.

Take an extra bank card and credit card with you

This is one way to make sure that you have a good backup when disaster strikes. Carrying an extra set f bank card or credit card will make sure that you are safe even in the time of emergencies.

Travel yourself at least once

This is not all about yourself; it is also about how you become independent. Travelling solo is one way to make sure that you stay independent and face any unfamiliar situations myself. This is one of the best ways to make sure about the things that you are capable of. This can be very uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it.

Don’t be afraid to use a map

If you are lost, one of the best ways to get yourself on the right track is to make sure that you use maps. You can also try to ask for direction which can give you an idea of where you are and also about your location.

Facts That Prove Travelling Is Good For You


Travelling is one of many people’s dream, and people are working hard towards. It is like a way to learn and grow. Travelling also has indicative of many health benefits from physical to mental health benefits. In this article, we will be discussing some of the facts that prove that travelling is good for you.

Travel exposes you to different environments

Antibodies are something which protects your immune system from any harmful bacteria. According to research, exposure to dirt and minor illnesses can actually make you body and gut stronger. This is when you practice basic hygienic habits. Travelling is one of the best ways to make sure that there are you have a kind of probiotic with you at all times.

Travel lowers stress

This is one of the facts which shows that travelling will ensure that your happiness increases and depression decreases. A study found that travellers who did a three-day vacation felt well-rested, less anxious and in a better mood. This helped them improve in their mood for a few weeks.

It improves your brain health

Travel expands you mind and allows you to meet new people. This allows you to be aware of global and cultural situations. This is very good for your health, and it can also ensure that you experience an increase in cognitive abilities which can keep your mind sharper. Also, there is a lot of facts which proves that travelling increases creativity in a deeper sense of cultural awareness and personal growth.

Travelling decreases the risk of heart disease

If you have been feeling stressed out lately one of the best ways to ensure that you keep your heart health in check is by travelling. According to research, it is also found that people who travel once annually were much less likely to suffer from a heart attack than people who do develop heart diseases.

Travelling keeps you fit

This is one of the benefits that you can get from travelling. Travelling allows you not to sit for a long time and also make sure that you keep finding yourself a lot of opportunities to force yourself to be active. Travelling is like trying to attempt an extreme sport or just walking through the city streets, which can allow you to understand the surrounding better.

There are places which have healing properties

There are many sites in the world which are known to have healing properties to them. These places can be the hot springs in Turkey, Iceland or Costa Rica, which can draw healing power from nature and help you relieve from the pain and stress, which can increase longevity. This is one way to use earth’s power to heal, uplift and rejuvenate yourself.

Wine Storage Basics

Q: I’ve been storing my wines on their sides for years, but a friend says I should store them on an angle pointing downward because of sediment. Who’s right here?

A: You’ve probably noticed that the vast majority of wine racks sold in stores are built to hold wines lying flat. While there is nothing wrong with the angled storage your friend suggests, there is no benefit to it.

Most quality wines are stoppered with a natural cork. Made from oak bark, cork can dry out in time, allowing air to leak in. A little bit of air in the bottle can ruin wine very quickly. Storing your bottles on the side keeps the wine in contact with the cork at all times, thereby keeping the cork moist and keeping air out.

A recent theory suggests storing wine on an upward angle of about 30°, to keep the cork in contact with both the wine and the bit of air (the ullage) at the top of the bottle. But this is very difficult to achieve and could be overkill when you consider that flat storage has kept many bottles of wine in good shape for a hundred years or more.

As for sediment, that’s a major topic on its own. So lay those bottles on their sides. They will stack a lot better, it’s easier to do, it requires no special racks, and your wines will stay in top condition.

How to Impress Your Wine Server

Let’s assume you’ve already ordered your wine — something from the lower half of the list that offers good value. From this point on your goal is to demonstrate to your server that you really know your stuff and that choosing a good wine wasn’t just a fluke. If your server arrives with a bottle nestled comfortably in a little wine basket, ask discretely: “Is that really necessary?” The basket is an affectation that’s pointless with a young wine and potentially worse with an old one.

Next the server will pull the cork and offer it to you for inspection. Unless it’s a really cool cork and elicits ooohs and aaahs from your tablemates, don’t bother to sniff it. In fact, you can almost treat the cork with contempt as it can tell you almost nothing about the wine.

The server will pour a small amount of wine (30-40 ml) for your approval. You are the expert and will pass judgement on the wine on behalf of your guests. Look at the colour of the wine. Is it clear and radiant? If so, give the wine a good sniff. If you don’t find any faults in the nose, proceed to tasting. If tasting or smelling reveals a fault, then politely send the wine back and ask for another bottle. If there are no faults, then the bottle is yours. If you simply don’t like the wine, too bad – you ordered it and have found nothing technically wrong with it, so chalk it up to experience. (The exception is if your server recommended the wine. Then you can tactfully refuse it and ask for something different, but this is not an invitation to be unreasonable.)

If your server offers to let the wine “breathe”, take a pass. Pouring the wine into glasses will give the wine more air than if you just left it uncorked for a month. Same with decanting. If it’s an extremely old wine that’s been stored properly for years, has cast some sediment, and cost more than $500, then by all means have it carefully decanted.

Now it’s time to fill the glasses, ladies first and no more than 1/2 to 2/3 full so the wine has room to release all the aromas you’re paying for. Your server should have brought an ice bucket for a white or sparkling wine. You can also request a bucket for a red wine, since they are almost always too warm.

The hard part is over. You’ve selected a good wine at a reasonably price and made sure that the bottle was free of faults. Now you’re ready to turn your attention to the pleasant company that’s sharing your table.

When Choosing A Wine Glass, Keep It Plain & Simple

Ask the experts which wine glass to buy and you’ll get a pretty narrow picture of what’s acceptable. It’s easy to get carried away with wine glasses (as it is with wine) and assume that only a $120 Riedel Sommelier wine glass will do. Other specialty glasses will set you back $20 a glass or more. But in reality there are plenty of options that cost far less, and may even prove more enjoyable in the long run. The essential thing is not to worry about what is “correct” and just make sure the wine glass you choose enhances your enjoyment of wine.

The list of wine glass no-no’s is rather short. Certain materials and designs will interfere with the wine experience. First, never use metal glasses. Metal does not match well with wine, and in the worst case will interfere with its taste. Metal also detracts by hiding the wine from you, and the thinness of the metal can feel unpleasant on the lips.

Some say that etched crystal glasses are totally inappropriate, asserting that the etching detracts from the visual experience. Well, so what! For some it may enhance the appearance; it’s a personal call. However crystal glasses often are thick walled and this can interfere with your enjoyment. If you have delicate crystal glasses, go ahead and enjoy them as long as they meet the other criteria laid out below.

We all have a fond memory or two of an afternoon spent drinking bubbly out of styrofoam cups with a special someone. It is a memory to be cherished always, but not one to the repeated. Plastic with wine is generally a lousy combination, and may even smack of desperation.

Coloured glass is another taboo. Glasses with a full tint — no matter how attractive — totally change the appearance of wine. You won’t see the wine’s colour nor will you see its radiance.

Style, colour and material are important, but the shape of the glass can also have a dramatic impact on wine. The best glasses are tulip shaped with a solid glass stem. The rim should be narrower than the bowl. This helps to help release aromas and funnel them toward your nose. A solid glass stem keeps your hand from warming the wine. The glass should also be large enough to accommodate one serving (about 5 ounces) when filled to its widest point, and the walls thin enough to be comfortable on the lips.

What about glasses with painted decorations? If the glass is otherwise OK, enjoy, as long as the decoration doesn’t obscure your view too much. One of my favourites is a Chablis glass that holds about 14 ounces. It has a lovely art-deco pattern circling the lower part of the bowl. The pattern is barely detectable against a red wine, and is a playful burst of colour when paired with a white wine. Good size, good shape, good thickness, and a visual embellishment that adds to the over-all experience.

What could be better, even if the purists wouldn’t approve?

The Truth About House Wines

The Truth About House Wines
According to many wine experts, one should never order the “house” wine at a restaurant. Everyone has an appropriate horror story: it’s the cheapest wine the restaurateur could find; it’s left over from another diner; it’s been warming on the radiator since breakfast.

In certain circumstances avoiding the house wine may be a good idea. The restaurateur may have found too good a bargain. But restaurants usually shop in the same places that you and I do, and generally pay comparable prices. There may be unscrupulous restaurateurs who reserve leftover wine, and some who don’t care enough to keep the house wine in good condition or to dump it when it’s past its prime. But, thankfully, these are rare.

In fact, the house wine can be one of the best indicators of how much a restaurant cares. It’s the quickest way to find out what kind of quality and attention go into the restaurant’s “cellar”. Often the better restaurants are proud of their house selections and may announce them along with the evening’s specials. The wines may even have been brought in specially to complement the featured dishes.

On the other hand, there is the “House Red / House White” syndrome. This restaurant serves wine because it has to, not because it wants to. The staff may not even know the origin of the wines. They may be perfectly all right, but they could just as easily be a big disappointment.

So order the house wine. If they’ve gone out of their way to offer up something nice–and at a decent price — then there’s a good chance they care about wine in general, and you’ll have a better chance of choosing a good bottle from their list. No doubt they will also have a wine person available who can help you with your selection.

And if the house wine is dreary, then make do with one glass and save your money for a restaurant that cares about wine as much as you do.