If you think about it, every single aspect of a casino is actually designed to lead people into spending more and more money. You can also notice that casinos have been known to make use of lights, keputusan nombor lotto, physical design and sounds to make sure that they create an environment that is very welcoming and a place that is very hard to leave. It will make you want to stay there for long as well. In this guide, I have listed out some tricks that casinos make use of to keep you in and also to make sure that you keep spending your money.

It has happened to all of us. You just walk into luxury, and you see that you are entranced by all of it. You see that you love the glamour, the immensity of luxury, and so many bright twinkly lights as well. You walk in with a wallet full of cash, completely ready to blow all of it. Well, who can stop you now? No one can. The casino will actually make use of more ways to keep you in and to make sure you blow more money. When you blow all of your money, the casino profits from it.

  • They will make use of chips instead of real money so that it will seem like you are not actually using real money. But hey, how do you think you get the chips? With real money indeed.
  • There is not a clock in sight. You will actually never see a clock in a casino. Ever. The people who manage the large establishment actually want you to lose track of time. When you lose track of time, when you are doing something that excites you, you will not know how time is passing, you will not even know if it is day or night, which is what they want. Just wear a watch or just keep track on your phone. Keep an alarm so that your phone can tell you when to leave, especially if you are someone who gets carried away easily.

  • They offer you free alcohol, round after round. You know why? Because they want to dampen your senses. When your senses are down, your shields are down. It lowers your inhibitions, and it also clouds your judgment. That is what they want. When this happens, there is a higher chance of you playing like a fool and losing money. When you lose money, the casino profits.
  • The floor is perfectly designed in a maze-like layout.
  • So many of them have been known to offer a free room and some free meals so that they can keep you there, so that you can return.